Frontiers of justice : disability, nationality, species membership
Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-

Frontiers of justice : disability, nationality, species membership

Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-


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Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-

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Cambridge, Mass. ; London : Belknap, 2007.

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xiii, 487 p.

The Tanner lectures on human values

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The Tanner lectures on human values

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Originally published: 2006.

Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Social contracts and three unsolved problems of justice -- state of nature -- Three unsolved problems -- Rawls and the unsolved problems -- Free, equal, and independent -- Grotius, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Kant -- Three forms of contemporary contractarianism -- capabilities approach -- Capabilities and contractarianism -- In search of global justice -- Disabilities and the social contract -- Needs for care, problems of justice -- Prudential and moral versions of the contract ; public and private -- Rawls's Kantian contractarianism : primary goods, Kantian personhood, rough equality, mutual advantage -- Postponing the question of disability -- Kantian personhood and mental impairment -- Care and disability : Kittay and Sen -- Reconstructing contractarianism? --
Capabilities and disabilities -- capabilities approach : a noncontractarian account of care -- bases of social cooperation -- Dignity : Aristotelian, not Kantian -- priority of the good, the role of agreement -- Why capabilities? -- Care and the capabilities list -- Capability or functioning? -- charge of intuitionism -- capabilities approach and Rawls's principles of justice -- Types and levels of dignity : the species norm -- Public policy : the question of guardianship -- Public policy : education and inclusion -- Public policy : the work of care -- Liberalism and human capabilities -- Mutual advantage and global inequality : the transnational social contract -- world of inequalities -- theory of Justice : the two-stage contract introduced -- Law of Peoples : the two-stage contract reaffirmed and modified -- Justification and implementation -- Assessing the two-stage contract -- global contract : Beitz and Pogge -- Prospects for an international contractrarianism --
Capabilities across national boundaries -- Social cooperation : the priority of entitlements -- Why capabilities? -- Capabilities and rights -- Equality and adequacy -- Pluralism and toleration -- international "overlapping consensus" -- Globalizing the capabilities approach : the role of institutions -- Globalizing the capabilities approach : what institutions? -- Ten principles for the global structure -- Beyond "compassion and humanity" : justice for nonhuman animals -- "Beings entitled to dignified existence" -- Kantian social contract views : indirect duties, duties of compassion -- Utilitarianism and animal flourishing -- Types of dignity, types of flourishing : extending the capabilities approach -- Methodology theory and imagination -- Species and individual -- Evaluating animal capabilities : no nature worship -- Positive and negative, capability and functioning -- Equality and adequacy -- Death and harm -- overlapping consensus? -- Toward basic political principles : the capabilities list -- ineliminability of conflict -- Toward a truly global justice -- moral sentiments and the capabilities approach -- Notes -- References -- Index.

Subject Term
Social justice.
People with disabilities -- Civil rights.
Minorities -- Civil rights.
Animal rights.

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