Property Rights The Argument for Privatization
Block, Walter E. author.

Property Rights The Argument for Privatization

Block, Walter E. author.


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Block, Walter E. author.

1st ed. 2019.

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XIII, 435 p. online resource.

Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism,

Part I. Philosophy -- Chapter 1: Property and Exploitation -- Chapter 2: The Moral Dimensions of Poverty, Entitlements and Theft -- Chapter 3: Ona'ah -- Part II. Libertarian Property Rights Theory -- Chapter 4: Hayek's Road to Serfdom -- Chapter 5: Block vs. Friedman on Hayek -- Chapter 6: Pipes on Property and Freedom -- Chapter 7: Bethell on Property and Prosperity -- Chapter 8: Radical Privatization and other Libertarian Conundrums -- Chapter 9: Prices and Location: A Geographical and Economic Analysis -- Part III. Reparations -- Chapter 10: On Reparations to Blacks for Slavery -- Chapter 11: Reparations, Once Again -- Chapter 12: The Economics and Ethics of Land Reform -- Part IV. Other property rights issues -- Chapter 13: Eminent Domain: A Legal and Economic Analysis -- Chapter 14: Eminent Domain: A Legal and Economic Critique -- Chapter 15: Canadian Aboriginals: A Debate -- Chapter 16: Space Environmentalism, Property Rights, and the Law -- Chapter 17: Coase and Kelo: Ominous Parallels and Lott on Rothbard on Coase -- Chapter 18: Landsburg on Crime -- Chapter 19: Debate on Eminent Domain -- Chapter 20: Homesteading City Streets; An Exercise in Managerial Theory -- Chapter 21: O.J.'s Defense: A Reductio Ad Absurdum of Coase and Posner.

In this timely book, Walter E. Block uses classical liberal theory to defend private property rights. Looking at how free enterprise, capitalism and libertarianism are cornerstones of economically prosperous civilizations, Block highlights why private property rights are crucial. Discussing philosophy, libertarian property rights theory, reparations and other property rights issues, this volume is of interest to academics, students, journalists and all those interested in this integral aspect of political economic philosophy.

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Law and economics.
Political philosophy.
Real estate management.
Schools of economics.
Law and Economics.
Common Property and Land Law.
Political Philosophy.
Real Estate Management.
Heterodox Economics.

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