Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part XII: Liberalism in the Classical Tradition, Austrian versus British
Leeson, Robert. author.

Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part XII: Liberalism in the Classical Tradition, Austrian versus British

Leeson, Robert. author.


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Leeson, Robert. author.

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XII, 414 p. online resource.

Archival Insights into the Evolution of Economics

1.‘Austrian Thought and Fascism’: ‘The victory of Fascism in a number of countries is only an episode in the long series of struggles over the problem of property -- 2. Persuade the intellectuals in the hopes that ultimately they could be converted and transmit my ideas to the public at large -- 3. Hayek and Aristocratic Influence -- 4. Pigouvian Market Failure -- 5. Britain, White Supremacism, and the International Right -- 6. The ‘Free’ Market ‘Emergency’ Demand for ‘Fascism.' -- 7.‘[Italian] Fascism -- 8. Austrian ‘Instincts,’ Serfdom, and Spanish and Portuguese ‘Fascism. .

F.A. von Hayek (1899-1992) was a Nobel Prize winning economist, famous for promoting an Austrian version of classical liberalism. The multi-volume Hayek: A Collaborative Biography examines the evolution of his life and influence. Two concepts of civilization revolve around power – should it be separated or concentrated? Liberalism in the non-Austrian classical tradition remains fearful of power concentrated in the hands of government, labour unions or corporations; Red Terrorists sought to monopolize power to liquidate enemies and competitors as a prelude to utopia (the ‘withering away of the State’); and behind the ‘slogan of liberty,’ White Terror promoters (Mises and Hayek) sought to concentrate power in the hands of a ‘dictatorial democracy’ where henchmen would liquidate enemies, and – ‘guided’ by ‘utopia’ (the ‘spontaneous’ order) – follow orders from their social superiors. This volume, Part XII, examines the ‘free’ market Use of Knowledge in Society; examines the foundations of ‘free’ market educational credentials; and asks whether those funded by the tobacco industry and the carbon lobby should be accorded ‘independent policy expert’ status. .

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