A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History
Coolhaas, W. Ph. author.

A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History

Coolhaas, W. Ph. author.


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Coolhaas, W. Ph. author.

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VIII, 154 p. 1 illus. online resource.

Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde

I. Archives -- II. Journals, Institutes, University Chairs -- III. Books of Travel -- IV. The Area Covered by the Charter of the V.O.C -- A. General Works -- B. Sources -- C. Monographs -- D. Biographies -- E. Regional Studies -- V. The Netherlands East Indies after 1795 -- A. Introduction -- B. The East Indies under the Batavian Republic and the Kingdom of Holland (1795–1811) -- C. British Rule (1811–1816) -- D. Restitution to the Netherlands and Further Relations with England -- E. Netherlands East Indies in the States General -- F. Colonial Constitutions, -- G. The Period 1815–1830 -- H. The Culture System and the Fight against it -- I. The Realization of Liberalism -- J. Military History -- K. Internal Administration -- L. The Acheh War and the Pacification of the Outer Districts -- M. Economic History -- N. Cultural History -- O. The First Years of the 20th Century -- P. World War II -- Q. 1945–1950 -- VI. The Area covered by the Charter of the Westindische Compagnie (W.I.C. West Indies Company) to the Present Day -- A. General Works -- B. Brasil -- C. West Africa -- D. Slave Trade -- E. The Caribbean Sea Area and the Attacks on the Spanish Silver Fleet -- F. The Dutch Antilles -- G. Guiana -- H. Surinam -- I. The New Netherlands -- J. The Netherlands and The United States -- List of the Abbreviated Titles of the Most Important Periodicals in Alphabetical Order -- Index of Personal Names.

This volume of the Bibliographical Series is a thoroughly revised English edition, with many additions, of the author's 'Chronique de l'histoire coloniale. Outre-mer neerlandais' published in May 1958 in the French periodical 'Revue d'histoire des colonies' (Tome XLIV, 1957, pp. 311-448). A stricter observance of bibliographical detail has been aimed at, mainly through the efforts of the editorial staff of the Institute. In some instances, however, the form of a continuous narrative, chosen for this bibliography, made it impossible to give full titles. The spelling of geographical names and names of languages is according to the English romanization of Malay. CONTENTS Page Introduction 1 I. Archives 3 II. Journals, Institutes, University Chairs 6 III. Books of Travel. 10 IV. The Area Covered by the Charter of the V. O. C. 21 A. General Works 21 B. Sources 27 C. Monographs . 30 1. Establishment and Commercial Activities of the V. O. C. 30 2. The Administration of Justice 33 3. Army and Navy . 34 4. Medicine and the Sciences 36 5. Religion and Education 37 6. Art 39 D. Biographies 40 1. Pioneers 40 2. Governors-General 41 3. Other Persons 45 E. Regional Studies. 47 1. The Moluccas, Amboyna and Banda 47 2. New Guinea 50 3. Australia 50 4. Celebes 51 5. Borneo 52 6. Sumatra 52 7. Java . 53 8. Japan. 59 9. China 61 10. Formosa 63 11. The Philippines 63 ] 2. Further India 64 13. India . 65 14. Ceylon 70 15.

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