International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime
Pontell, Henry N. editor.

International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime

Pontell, Henry N. editor.


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Introduction: Theoretical Issues in Organizational and Corporate Lawbreaking -- Beyond Macro- and Micro-Levels of Analysis, Organizations, and the Cultural Fix -- Understanding Corporate Lawbreaking: From Profit Seeking to Law Finding -- Attributing Responsibility for Organizational Wrongdoing -- White-Collar Criminogenesis: Structure, Motivation, and Rationalization -- Generative Worlds of White-Collar Crime -- Because They Can -- Critical and Postmodern Approaches to Research -- Researching Corporate and White-Collar Crimeinan Eraof Neo-Liberalism -- An Age of Miracles? -- White-Collar Crime in a Postmodern, Globalized World -- Corporate Crime and State-Corporate Crime -- Corporate Crime -- State-Corporate Crime and Criminological Inquiry -- Legal Perspectives: Theory, Irresponsibility, and Liability -- A Normative Approach to White-Collar Crime -- The Corporation as a Legally Created Site of Irresponsibility -- Preventive Fault and Corporate Criminal Liability: Transforming Corporate Organizations into Private Policing Entities -- Forms of White-Collar Crime -- Gold-Collar Crime -- Environmental Pollution by Corporations in Japan -- Crime in the World of Art -- Computer Crime and White-Collar Crime -- Professional and Occupational White-Collar Crime -- From Pink to White with Various Shades of Embezzlement: Women Who Commit White-Collar Crimes -- The Itching Palm: The Crimes of Bribery and Extortion -- Crimes by Lawyers in Japan and the Responsibilities of Professionals -- Corruption: Narratives, Definitions, and Applications -- Corruption Kills -- On the Comparative Study of Corruption -- Corporate Corruption in the New Economy -- Cesare Beccaria and White-Collar Crimes’ Public Harm -- Case Studies -- The Role of the Mass Media in the Enron Fraud -- Crime? What Crime? Tales of the Collapse of HIH -- Enron, Lernout & Hauspie, and Parmalat -- White-Collar Crime and Reactions of the Criminal Justice System in the United States and Japan -- Policing White-Collar Crime -- Policing Healthcare at the Dawn of the New Millennium -- Policing Financial Crimes -- Regulation, Prevention, and Control -- Situational Crime Prevention and White-Collar Crime -- “This Time We Really Mean It!” -- White-Collar Crime and Prosecution for “Industrial Manslaughter” as a Means To Reduce Workplace Deaths -- The Punishment of Corporate Crime in China.

The International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime Edited by Henry N. Pontell, University of California, Irvine Gilbert Geis, University of California, Irvine Insider trading. Savings and loan scandals. Enron. Corporate crimes were once thought of as victimless offenses, but now—with billions of dollars and an increasingly global economy at stake—this is understood to be far from the truth. The International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime explores the complex interplay of factors involved when corporate cultures normalize lawbreaking, and when organizational behavior is pushed to unethical (and sometimes inhumane) limits. Featuring original contributions from a panel of experts representing North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, this timely volume presents multidisciplinary views on recent corporate wrongdoing affecting economic and social conditions worldwide. Criminal liability and intent Stock market and financial crime Bribery and extortion Computer and identity fraud Health care fraud Crime in the professions Industrial pollution Political corruption War crimes and genocide Contributors offer case studies, historical and sociopolitical analyses, theoretical and legal perspectives, and comparative studies, featuring examples as varied as NASA, Parmalat, the Italian government, and Watergate. Criminal justice responses to these phenomena, the role of the media in exposing or minimizing them, prevention, regulation, and self- policing strategies, and larger global issues emerging from economic crime are also featured. Richly diverse in its coverage, The International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime is stimulating reading for students, academics, and professionals in a wide range of fields, from criminology and criminal justice to business and economics, psychology to social policy to ethics. This powerful information is certain to change many of our deeply held views on criminal behavior.

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