Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part IX: The Divine Right of the 'Free' Market
Leeson, Robert. editor.

Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part IX: The Divine Right of the 'Free' Market

Leeson, Robert. editor.


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VIII, 420 p. online resource.

Archival Insights into the Evolution of Economics

1. What is ‘Hayek’? Robert Leeson -- 2. Faith-Based Economics. Robert Leeson -- 3. Hayek, Mises, and the Iron Rule of Unintended Consequences -- 4. Accelerating the Climate of Hate: The Austrian School of Economics, Hayek, and ‘The New Hate.’ -- 5. Christian Reconstructionism and the Austrian School of Economics -- 6. The Genealogy of Jaime Guzman’s Subsidiary State -- 7. Hayek, Thatcher, and the Muddle of the Middle -- 8. Economics and Religion, What is the Relationship? – A Case Study of Nordic Social Democracy -- 9. Clerical Fascism: Chile and Austria -- 10. Clerical Fascism: Portugal, Spain and France -- 11. Austria, the Past, and Anti-Semitism.

This book is the ninth volume in this series which explores the life of Nobel Price-winning economist F.A. Hayek (1899-1992). Hayek was  famous for promoting an Austrian version of classical liberalism: this multi-volume biography examines the evolution of Hayek’s life and influence. In this volume, a variety of well-known contributors discuss Hayek's views on the divine right of the market taking democratic and free-market principles into account. Topics range from Hayek's philosophical influences, to the profound change his ideas wrought on the political and economic landscape.

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History of Economic Thought/Methodology.

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Leeson, Robert.

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