Israeli Sociology Text in Context
Ram, Uri. author.

Israeli Sociology Text in Context

Ram, Uri. author.


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Ram, Uri. author.

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VIII, 173 p. online resource.

Sociology Transformed

Chapter 1: The State and Sociology: Sociological Text in National Context -- Chapter 2: Predecessors: Sociology before Sociology (1882-1948) -- Chapter 3: Founders: Nation-Building Modernized (1948-1967) -- Chapter 4: Disciples: Nation-Building Modified (1967-1996) -- Chapter 5: Critics: Political Elites and Ethno-Classes (1977-1987) -- Chapter 6: More Critics: Pluralism, Feminism and Colonialism (1977-1987); Chapter 8: Postmodernists: Confronting Neo-Liberalism (1993-2018) -- Chapter 9: Post-Colonialists: Confronting Neo-Colonialism (1993-2018) -- 10: The State of Sociology: Some Contemporary Concerns.

This book presents a comprehensive historical account of sociology in Israel the first history of sociology in Israel, from its beginnings in late 19th-century to the early 21st-century. It locates the ruptures and reorientations of the sociological text within its shifting historical context. Israeli sociology is shown to have evolved in tandem with the development of the Israeli-Jewish nation in Palestine, and later of the state of Israel. Offering a critical overview of the origins and the development of the discipline, it argues that this can be divided into the following phases: Predecessors (1882-1948), Founders (1948-1977), Disciples (1967-1977), Critics and More Critics (1977-1987), Intermediators (1977-2018), Post-Modernists (1993-2018) and Post-Colonialists (1993-2018). This book contributes a fascinating national case study to the history of sociology and will appeal further to students and scholars of social theory and Israel Studies.

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Social sciences -- Philosophy.
Historical sociology.
Middle East-History.
Sociological Theory.
Philosophy of the Social Sciences.
Historical Sociology.
History of the Middle East.
Conflict Studies.

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