Norms, Values, and Society
Pauer-Studer, Herlinde. editor.

Norms, Values, and Society

Pauer-Studer, Herlinde. editor.


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X, 350 p. online resource.

Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, Institut ‘Wiener Kreis’ SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD CONCEPTION, 2

Articles: Norms, Values, and Society -- Justice -- The Quest for Happiness: Traces of Ancient Life Wisdom Within the Moral Philosophical Context of the Vienna Circle -- Empiricism and the Norms of Scientific Knowledge: Some Reflections on Otto Neurath and Pierre Bourdieu -- The Controversy About Human Rights -- Some Problems in the Justification of Moral Rights -- “Just are the Social Institutions that are Best for their Participants”: A Critical Examination -- Gender and Political Equality -- Moral Conduct Under Conditions of Moral Imperfection -- Law and Morality: A Modest Assessment -- (How) Can Law be Legitimated? Habermas, Rawls, Dworkin -- Contract Law and the Ethical Neutrality of the State: Some Thoughts About Liberalism and Communitarianism -- Democracy and the Problem of Collective Identity: Conceptual Distinctions Without Deference to Carl Schmitt -- Two Methods of Doing Bioethics -- Applied Ethics, Applying Ethics and the Methods of Ethics -- Professional Ethics ‘Applies’ Nothing -- Rationality and Virtue -- Rationality and Morality -- Humboldt’s Argument Against the Welfare State: A Reconstruction in Terms of Game Theory -- The Possibility of Sustaining Trust -- David Hume’s Criticism of Traditional Ethics -- Kant and Social Sentiments -- Documentation -- Editorial Remarks -- Science and Analysis of Language -- The Position of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in the Evolution of Science -- Semiotic, the Socio-Humanistic Sciences, and the Unity of Science -- The Social Roots of Science -- Reviews -- Rudolf Haller: Neopositivismus. Eine historische Einführung in die Philosophie des Wiener Kreises, Darmstadt 1993 -- Review Essays -- The Positivism Dispute Revisited: Hans-Joachim Dahms: Positivismusstreit. Die Auseinandersetzungen der Frankfurter Schule mit dem logischen Positivismus, dem amerikanischen Pragmatismus und dem kritischen Rationalismus, Frankfurt 1994 -- Karl Menger’s Intellectual Autobiography: Karl Menger: Reminiscences of the Vienna Circle and the Mathematical Colloquium. Ed. by L. Golland, B. McGuinness, A. Sklar, Dordrecht/Boston/London 1994 -- Activities of the Institute Vienna Circle -- Survey 1993/94 -- Preview 1994/95 -- Publications -- Internal Projects -- Index of Names.

Norms, Values, and Society is the second Yearbook of the Vienna Circle Institute, which was founded in October 1991. The main part of the book contains original contributions to an international symposium the Institute held in October 1993 on ethics and social philosophy. The papers deal among others with questions of justice, equality, just social institutions, human rights, the connections between rationality and morality and the methodological problems of applied ethics. The Documentation section contains previously unpublished papers by Rudolf Carnap, Philipp Frank, Charles W. Morris and Edgar Zilsel, and the review section presents new publications on the Vienna Circle. The Vienna Circle Institute is devoted to the critical advancement of science and philosophy in the broad tradition of the Vienna Circle, as well as to the focusing of cross-disciplinary interest on the history and philosophy of science in a social context. The Institute's Yearbooks will, for the most part, document its activities and provide a forum for the discussion of exact philosophy, logical and empirical investigations, and analysis of language.

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Philosophy and science.
Philosophy and social sciences.
Philosophy of the Social Sciences.
Philosophy, general.
Philosophy of Science.

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Pauer-Studer, Herlinde.

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