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Reading Engelhardt Essays on the Thought of H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.
Minogue, Brendan P. editor.
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XIX, 312 p. online resource.
1 Everything Includes Itself in Power: Power and Coherence in Engelhardt’s Foundations of Bioethics -- 2 Not All Peace is Peace: Why Christians Cannot Make Peace With Engelhardt’s Peace -- 3 Medicine’s Monopoly: From Trust-Busting to Trust -- 4 Engelhardt’s Communitarian Ethics: The Hidden Assumptions -- 5 Monopoly with Sick Moral Strangers -- 6 Beyond Forbearance as the Moral Foundation for a Health Care System: An Analysis of Engelhardt’s Principles of Bioethics -- 7 Engelhardt’s Analysis of Disease: Implications for a Feminist Clinical Epistemology -- 8 The Magic Mountain: A Prelude to Engelhardt’s Phenomenology of Illness -- 9 Persons, Property or Both? Engelhardt on the Moral Status of Young Children -- 10 Tris Engelhardt and the Queen of Hearts: Sentence First; Verdict Afterwards -- 11 The Foundations of The Foundations of Bioethics: Engelhardt’s Kantian Underpinnings -- 12 Engelhardt, Historicism and the Minimalist Paradox -- 13 The Unjustifiability of Substantive Liberalisms and the Inevitability of Engelhardtian Procedural Liberalism -- 14 Secular? Yes; Humanism? No: A Close Look at Engelhardt’s Secular Humanist Bioethics -- 15 The Foundations of Bioethics and Secular Humanism: Why Is There No Canonical Moral Content? -- About the Authors -- About the Editors -- Publications by H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.
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