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The art of living : the classic manual on virtue, happiness, and effectiveness


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Manual. English
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xiii, 126 pages ; 21 cm
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"Plus insights, interviews, and more"--Cover.
The spirit of Epictetus -- A manual for living: Invitation to the manual. Know what you can control and what you can't -- Stick with your own business -- Recognize appearances for what they really are -- Desire demands its own attainment -- See things for what they are -- Harmonize your actions with the way life is -- Events don't hurt us, but our views of them can -- No shame, no blame -- Create your own merit -- Focus on your main duty -- Accept events as they occur -- Your will is always within your power -- Make full use of what happens to you -- Care for what you happen to have -- The good life is the life of inner serenity -- Disregard what doesn't concern you -- Conform your wishes to reality -- Approach life as a banquet -- Avoid adopting other people's negative views -- Act well the part that is given to you -- Everything happens for a good reason -- Happiness can only be found within -- No one can hurt you -- Spiritual progress is made through confronting death and calamity -- Implant in yourself the ideals you ought to cherish -- The pursuit of wisdom attracts critics -- Seeking to please is a perilous trap -- Character matters more than reputation. All advantages have their price -- Make the will of nature your own -- Self-mastery is our true aim -- Treasure your mind, cherish your reason, hold to your purpose -- Consider what comes first, then what follows, and then act -- Our duties are revealed by our relations with one another -- The essence of faithfulness -- Events are impersonal and indifferent -- Never suppress a generous impulse -- Clearly define the person you want to be -- Speak only with good purpose -- Avoid most popular entertainment -- Be careful about the company you keep -- Take care of your body -- Avoid casual sex -- Don't defend your reputation or intentions -- Conduct yourself with dignity -- Emulate worthy role models -- Exercise discretion when conversing -- Prefer enduring satisfaction to immediate gratification -- Take a stand -- Courtesy and logic each have their place -- Self-mastery depends on self-honesty -- Safeguard your reason -- Observe proper proportion and moderation -- Inner excellence matters more than outer appearance -- Care about your mind more than your body -- Mistreatment comes from false impressions -- Everything has two handles -- Clear thinking is vital -- Call things by their right names -- Wisdom is revealed through action, not talk -- Live simply for your own sake -- Wisdom depends on vigilance -- Living wisdom is more important than knowing about it -- Practicing principles matters more than proving them -- Start living your ideals. Essential teachings on virtue, happiness, and tranquility. Why be good? The soul's cry -- The real purpose of philosophy -- The first step -- The flourishing life depends on self-sufficiency -- Starting out is hard -- Good is good -- Be suspicious of convention -- The virtuous are invincible -- Be a citizen of the world -- Consider your deepest yearnings merely as facts -- The right use of books -- Exercise caution when mingling with others -- Forgive over and over and over -- The virtuous are consistent -- Trust your moral intuitions -- Don't be angry at wrongdoers -- The only prosperous life if the virtuous life -- Pursue the good ardently -- What is important and what isn't -- Reason is supreme -- Learn to heal yourself -- Stay the course, in good weather and bad -- Be grateful -- Never casually discuss important matters -- What makes us truly happy -- The power of habit -- Caretake this moment.
Epictetus observed that although everyday life is fraught with difficulty, a life of virtue is within reach. By putting into practice the 93 witty, wise, and razor-sharp instructions, this work helps readers learn to gracefully meet the challenges of everyday life as well as life's inevitable major losses and disappointments.
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What makes the writings of a former slave so powerful today? Epictetus observed that although everyday life is fraught with difficulty, a life of virtue is within reach. He dedicated his life to outlining the simple way to happiness, fulfillment, and tranquility. By putting into practice the 93 witty, wise, and razor sharp instructions .

Table of Contents

Prologuep. vii
The Spirit of Epictetusp. ix
A Manual for Living
Invitation to the Manualp. 2
Know What You Can Control and What You Can'tp. 3
Stick with Your Own Businessp. 4
Recognize Appearances for What They Really Arep. 5
Desire Demands Its Own Attainmentp. 6
See Things for What They Arep. 7
Harmonize Your Actions with the Way Life Isp. 9
Events Don't Hurt Us, But Our Views of Them Canp. 10
No Shame, No Blamep. 11
Create Your Own Meritp. 12
Focus on Your Main Dutyp. 14
Accept Events As They Occurp. 15
Your Will Is Always Within Your Powerp. 16
Make Full Use of What Happens to Youp. 17
Care for What You Happen to Havep. 18
The Good Life Is the Life of Inner Serenityp. 19
Disregard What Doesn't Concern Youp. 20
Conform Your Wishes to Realityp. 21
Approach Life As a Banquetp. 22
Avoid Adopting Other People's Negative Viewsp. 23
Act Well the Part that Is Given to Youp. 24
Everything Happens for a Good Reasonp. 25
Happiness Can Only Be Found Withinp. 26
No One Can Hurt Youp. 27
Spiritual Progress Is Made Through Confronting Death and Calamityp. 28
Implant in Yourself the Ideals You Ought to Cherishp. 29
The Pursuit of Wisdom Attracts Criticsp. 30
Seeking to Please Is a Perilous Trapp. 31
Character Matters More Than Reputationp. 32
All Advantages Have Their Pricep. 34
Make the Will of Nature Your Ownp. 35
Self-Mastery Is Our True Aimp. 36
Treasure Your Mind, Cherish Your Reason, Hold to Your Purposep. 37
Consider What Comes First, Then What Follows, and Then Actp. 38
Our Duties Are Revealed by Our Relations with One Anotherp. 42
The Essence of Faithfulnessp. 45
Events Are Impersonal and Indifferentp. 47
Never Suppress a Generous Impulsep. 49
Clearly Define the Person You Want to Bep. 50
Speak Only with Good Purposep. 51
Avoid Most Popular Entertainmentp. 53
Be Careful About the Company You Keepp. 54
Take Care of Your Bodyp. 56
Avoid Casual Sexp. 57
Don't Defend Your Reputation or Intentionsp. 58
Conduct Yourself with Dignityp. 59
Emulate Worthy Role Modelsp. 60
Exercise Discretion When Conversingp. 61
Prefer Enduring Satisfaction to Immediate Gratificationp. 62
Take a Standp. 63
Courtesy and Logic Each Have Their Placep. 64
Self-Mastery Depends on Self-Honestyp. 65
Safeguard Your Reasonp. 66
Observe Proper Proportion and Moderationp. 67
Inner Excellence Matters More Than Outer Appearancep. 68
Care About Your Mind More Than Your Bodyp. 69
Mistreatment Comes from False Impressionsp. 71
Everything Has Two Handlesp. 71
Clear Thinking Is Vitalp. 72
Call Things by Their Right Namesp. 73
Wisdom Is Revealed Through Action, Not Talkp. 74
Live Simply for Your Own Sakep. 75
Wisdom Depends on Vigilancep. 76
Living Wisdom Is More Important Than Knowing About Itp. 77
Practicing Principles Matters More Than Proving Themp. 78
Start Living Your Idealsp. 79
Essential Teachings on Virtue, Happiness, and Tranquilityp. 81
Why Be Good?p. 82
The Soul's Cryp. 83
The Real Purpose of Philosophyp. 84
The First Stepp. 86
The Flourishing Life Depends on Self-Sufficiencyp. 89
Starting Out Is Hardp. 90
Good Is Goodp. 91
Be Suspicious of Conventionp. 92
The Virtuous Are Invinciblep. 94
Be a Citizen of the Worldp. 95
Consider Your Deepest Yearnings Merely as Factsp. 96
The Right Use of Booksp. 97
Exercise Caution When Mingling with Othersp. 98
Forgive Over and Over and Overp. 99
The Virtuous Are Consistentp. 100
Trust Your Moral Intuitionsp. 101
Don't Be Angry at Wrongdoersp. 102
The Only Prosperous Life Is the Virtuous Lifep. 103
Pursue the Good Ardentlyp. 104
What Is Important and What Isn'tp. 105
Reason Is Supremep. 106
Learn to Heal Yourselfp. 107
Stay the Course, in Good Weather and Badp. 108
Be Gratefulp. 109
Never Casually Discuss Important Mattersp. 110
What Makes Us Truly Happyp. 111
The Power of Habitp. 112
Caretake This Momentp. 113