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East and West : the making of a rift in the church : from apostolic times until the Council of Florence
Chadwick, Henry, 1920-2008.

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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
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x, 306 p. ; 24 cm.
Oxford history of the Christian Church
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Oxford history of the Christian Church


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The greatest Christian split of all has been that between east and west, between Roman Catholic and eastern Orthodox, which is still apparent today. Henry Chadwick provides a compelling and balanced account of the emergence of divisions between Rome and Constantinople. Starting with the roots of the divergence in Apostolic times, he takes the story right up to the Council of Florence in the fifteenth century.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 EarlyChristian Diversity: The Quest for Coherence
3 The Roots of Diversity: Differences in Theology
4 Differences in Theology
5 Emperor Theodosius: Council of Constantinople (381)
6 Augustine: Filioque
7 Constantinople's Growing Power: Socrates the Historian
8 The Unity of Christ: Devotion to Mary
9 Zeno's Henotikon, Rome's Fury, and the Acacian Schism: Dionysus Exiguus
10 Three Chapters: The Fifth Council (553)
11 One Energy, One Will
12 The Sixth (680-1), Council in Trullo (692)
13 Icons
14 The Papacy and the Franks
15 Aachen as Third Rome: Caroline Books
16 Pope Nicolas I
17 Hincmar of Reims
18 Jurisdiction: Illyricum, Bulgars. Paulicans
19 Pope Nicolas' Advice to the Bulgar Khan. Rome's Saturday Fast
20 Problems at Constantinople: Patriarch Ignatius
21 Photius
22 Pope Nicolas I Supports Ignatius
23 Ignatius' Retrial: Nicolas Excommunicates Photius
24 Deterioration in Relations
25 The Case Against the Latins: Photius Mystagogia
26 Photius' Break with Nicolas: Nicolas Invokes Hincmar's Help: Basil the Macedonian: Photius Desposed
27 Basil I: Ignatius Restored. The Synod of 869: Pope Hadrian II
28 Photius Restored. Pope John VIII. The Council of 879
29 The Emperor Leo VI the Wise: Photius Deposed
30 Greek Critics of Photius: Photius Honours Ignatius' Memory
31 Liudprand of Cremona in Constantinople
32 The Normans in the South: Cardinal Humbert: Council of Rome (1059): Unleavened Bread
33 Pope Leo IX's Legation to Constantinople (1054)
Humbert and Cerularius
34 Peter Damian: Gregory VII
Theophylact of Ochrid
35 Pope Urban II: Anselm of Canterbury at Bari
36 Anselm of Havelberg
37 Crusades: Fall of Constantinople (1204-5): Innocent III: Balsamon
38 East-West Debates at Nicaea and Nymphaion
39 Purgatory
40 Michael Palaeologus' Renewed Quest for Unity: Pope Gregory X: Council of Lyon: Bekkos
41 Councils of Basel and Ferrara / Florence: Pope Eugenius IV