Cover image for Rethinking race, class, language, and gender : a dialogue with Noam Chomsky and other leading scholars
Rethinking race, class, language, and gender : a dialogue with Noam Chomsky and other leading scholars
Orelus, Pierre W.
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Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2011.
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203 p.
Unveiling majoritarian myths and tales about race and racism: a conversation with Richard Delgado -- The fight against racism and classism: a conversation with David Gillborn -- Unmasking white supremacy and racism: a conversation with Zeus Leonardo -- Unpacking racial and socio-economic marginalizations: a conversation with Howard Winant -- Re-examining social inequality in school and beyond: a conversation with Christine E. Sleeter -- Unveiling discriminations in school and society at large: a conversation with Sonia Nieto -- Multiculturalism matters more than ever: a conversation with Carl A. Grant -- Critical pedagogy in stark opposition to western neo-liberalism and corporatization of schools: a dialogue with Peter McLaren -- Democracy, schooling, and neo-liberalism: a dialogue with Noam Chomsky -- Re-examining class and racial dominations in the new era of western capitalism: a dialogue with Antonia Darder -- Beyond Obama's historical symbolism: the heavy weight of being black/brown in a racist society: a conversation with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva -- Confront racial and gender oppressions in schools: a conversation with Pedro Noguera -- I say it how it is: exposing racial issues in the classroom and beyond: a conversation with Dave Stovall.


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Table of Contents

Peter McLarenRichard DelgadoDavid GillbornZeus LeonardoHoward WinantChristine E. SleeterSonia NietoCarl A. GrantPeter McLarenNoam ChomskyAntonia DarderEduardo Bonilla-SilvaPedro NogueraDavid StovallChristine E. Sleeter
Forewordp. ix
Acknowledgmentsp. xix
About the Intervieweesp. xxi
Introductionp. xxix
Part 1 Mapping and Engaging the Debate on Race, Racism, and Other ôIsmsö: From Slavery to the Civil Rights Era to Barack Obama's Presidency and Beyondp. 1
1 Unveiling Majoritarian Myths and Tales about Race and Racism: A Conversationp. 7
2 The Fight against Racism and Classism: A Conversationp. 17
3 Unmasking White Supremacy and Racism: A Conversationp. 31
Part 2 Against the Matrix of Oppressions: Toward a More Humane Worldp. 53
4 Unpacking Racial and Socioeconomic Marginalizations: A Conversationp. 59
5 Reexamining Social Inequality in Schools and Beyond: A Conversationp. 67
6 Unveiling and Fighting against Discrimination in Schools and Society: A Conversationp. 75
7 Multicultural Education Matters More Than Ever: A Conversationp. 85
Part 3 Redefining Democracy, Schooling, and Social Justice in the Supreme State of Western Neoliberalism and U.S. Imperialismp. 91
8 Critical Pedagogy in Stark Opposition to Western Neoliberalism and the Corporatization of Schools: A Conversationp. 97
9 Democracy, Schooling, and Neoliberalism: A Conversationp. 111
Part 4 The Trio of Inequities: Class, Gender, and Racep. 121
10 Reexamining Class and Racial Dominations in the New Era of Western Capitalism: A Conversationp. 129
11 Beyond Obama's Historical Symbolism: The Heavy Weight of Being Black/Brown in a Racist Society: A Conversationp. 147
12 Confront Racial and Gender Oppressions in Schools: A Conversationp. 161
13 I Say It How It Is: Exposing Racial Issues in the Classroom and Beyond: A Conversationp. 169
Conclusionp. 179
Afterwordp. 183
Bibliographyp. 187
Indexp. 195
About the Authorp. 203