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Literatures of Liberalization Global Circulation and the Long Nineteenth Century
Gagnier, Regenia. author.
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XIV, 247 p. 1 illus. online resource.
New Comparisons in World Literature
1. The Transcultural Transformation of a Field -- 2. Global Circulation and Some Problems in Liberalism, Liberalization, and Neoliberalism -- 3. Dialogical Imaginations: European Ideas of Plasticity, Freedom and Choice in the Long Nineteenth Century -- 4. Trollope’s Modernity: Speed-up, Stress, and Resentment in the Public Sphere -- 5. The Global Circulation of Charles Dickens’s Novels -- 6. Global Literatures of Decadence -- 7. Crossed Histories: Social Formations in Friction -- 8. Coda on Processes of Sex, Gender and Desire in the Anthropocene.
This book traces the global circulation of cultures and ideologies from the technological and democratic revolutions of the long nineteenth century to liberal and neoliberal modernity. Focussing on moments of coerced (colonial and postcolonial) and voluntary contact rather than national boundaries, the author draws attention to the global scope of literatures and geopolitical commodities as actants in world affairs, as in processes of liberalization, democratization, and trade, but also to the distinctiveness of each local environment at its moments of transculturation. Based in extensive experience in collaborative, multilingual, interdisciplinary networks, the book synthesizes existing theoretical scholarship, provides original case studies of world-historical Victorian and modern writers, and articulates a new interdisciplinary methodology for literary studies in a global context. It will be of interest to Victorianists, modernists, comparatists, political theorists, translators, and scholars of world literatures, world ecology, and globalization.
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